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Here in Whitby, our access control specialists are always ready to provide you with the best possible servicing at a price that you can afford.  Whitby Access Control takes access control to the next level by combining a mixture that consists of one part professional, one part courteous, and one part affordable to create a stellar package for all of your access control needs.

How can an access control system in Whitby, ON benefit you? Well, let’s break that down into two groups, as one group of customers will be interested in the commercial benefits of access control, while the other group is interested in the residential benefits.

Access Control SystemsResidential Access Control

The access control system could benefit your residential location very well, especially if you or a loved one suffers from a disability that restricts movement. With a special door and access panel, a handicapped person can open and close any door in their house with great ease. Access control can also provide an ample amount of extra security for your home.  For example, we can install intercom systems, along with access control panels on the exterior of your home or main gate. This would require visitors to input selections on the control panel and even speak into the intercom to gain entry.

Commercial Access Control

Automatic doors with motion sensors are very popular for our commercial customers. They let customers and visitors pass through without pressing any buttons or speaking through any intercom system. However, intercom systems are also highly popular in commercial environments, such as business offices, big warehouses, and many more locations. There are many ways that access control can add functionality and security to your business.

When you need our professional access control service, pick up the phone and call today! We work hard to meet your needs and gain not only your satisfaction, but also your trust. That’s how we do business here at Access Control Whitby.

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