Handicap Door Operators Whitby (647-722-6314) Install, Service

Make your house accessible today with automatic door operators! Let our company be of assistance whenever you decide to install a new system. Access Control Whitby has knowledge of handicap operators for doors and it is its pride to have a wonderful team of great technicians for all services. We specialize in all handicap automatic door openers, are familiar with their special characteristics and know how to solve their problems. We offer full services to both commercial and residential customers in Whitby and move with speed when your need is urgent.

We service well all handicap automatic door openers

You can have full trust to the capacities of our technicians. We are trained well but the most important thing is that we keep making incredible progress with our knowledge by keeping track of the latest developments in the industry. We know well that a single handicap door opener will make a huge difference in your life. People in scooters or wheelchairs and people with certain disabilities or elderly ones will find these solutions an excellent idea. Automatic operators are installed in every door of your house and they are ideal solutions for public buildings, private practices and a large number of companies. As a matter of fact, all commercial enterprises are obliged to have Handicap Door Operators in Whitby and all over Ontario and we are here to provide our services. 

Call us for handicap door opener repair

Our work is not confined in installation services. As experts in all Whitby Handicap Door Operators, we are also here to fix possible problems with any of their parts. When the door refuses to open, the operator hums, the motion detector does not respond or your safety is compromised in any way, you need to call us. We stand by for your problems and we are also here for the maintenance of the automatic door operator in order to eliminate the chance of problems ever popping up and reinforcing your security and convenient access.

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