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At Access Control Whitby we install many telephone entry systems for our residential and commercial customers in Whitby, ON. The intercom system is an outstanding method of controlling the access to the home or business. These systems come in many shapes and sizes and are produced by a variety of manufacturers. The intercom can be enhanced with many different features that boost the security of the access control system. Our highly trained experts will install and repair all brands, makes, and models of telephone intercom options.Telephone Entry Systems

How They Work

Once we provide the telephone entry systems installation a visitor to the gate, or main entrance, will be required to speak through the telephone entry intercom to provide the reason for their visit. The telephone entry system with camera will give this access control method an ever bigger boost. With the camera and the intercom those in the home or business will be able to much easier identify who is requesting access to their domain.

The Benefits

The benefits of being able, to not only hear the voice of the visitor, but see them as well, are undeniable. Although the telephone entry systems in Whitby, ON are normally installed on gates to homes and businesses; they may be installed at the main entrances of apartment buildings, homes, and hotels just to name a few. These access control options are justifiable anywhere that visitor’s may enter the domain. These systems come in different price ranges depending on the amount of features desired.

Whitby Access Control understands the important of establishing a sound access control system at the home or business. We provide a variety of options that are designed to enhance security. Our specialists will walk our customers through the various options at their disposal and help them choose the right model for their needs. Make an appointment with our experts today for outstanding telephone entry system service.

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